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MC Server Top is the best minecraft server list for PC. There are various types of minecraft servers here, such as Anarchy, Creative, Economy, Factions, FTB, Hardcore, KitPvP, MCMMO, MiniGames, Parkour, Pixelmon, Prison, PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Skyblock, Skywars, Survival, Towny, Vanilla and Tekkit You can add your own server by creating an account.

Minecraft Anarchy

Rank Name Server Players Status
41 BlueFireMC

Bluefiremc.mcpro.io is a chill towny server, with jobs, mob-eggs, signshop with a player mall, multiple worlds set up with anarchy, towny, and creative, and a tight knit playerbase. come join your new minecraft home.

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42 CNW2 - Friendly Anarchy


CNW2 is a friendly vanilla Minecraft anarchy server. Come here to do whatever you want in game, but be nice in the chat! There are no rules for game play. Take no prisoners! We will be making regular updates to current version as well as increasing p...

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43 Charms NoMOD


Charm's NoMOD is the third addition to the Charm's Network. It is a Minecraft anarchy server with no rules, no moderation, and packed with fun, funny and exciting moments. We have made this server with the wild/free Minecraft player in mind. A player...

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44 Cloud Cosmos


SERVER IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! We are in very early beta stages, please help us as we refine our server by playing! All who play in these early days will be rewarded in the long run! Thank you, and hope to see you on the server! (geopolitical earth-...

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45 Crimson Star Lifesteal  Anarchy


Cracked Lifesteal Anarchy Join the discord server for server updates |—————————| |》 CSLifesteal.tk 《| |—————————| Discord: https://dsc.gg/crimsonstar Banner: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/887947852586840065/904967464021004288/stan...

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46 Crystalme.org


A no rules anarchy server with the same seed as 2b2t.

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Vino alaturi de o comunitate foarte bine structurata de Minecraft Romania cu activitati si jocuri speciale! In momentul de fata lucram pentru a aduce o experienta cat mai experimentala si dedicata jucatorilor care pretuiesc cu adevarat aventura!

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48 DarkZone


Dark Zone, a true anarchy/survival server with a few new craftable items to enhance the experience. - No staff; moderation is automated with bots - Released 1/15/22 with 1.18 caves and cliffs world generation - New craftable items are: backpacks, ...

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49 DeadHorse Network - SMP - anarchy


DeadHorse*Network is a fresh server network. We offer a highly customized smp experience with over 200 new enchantments, new - stronger mobs, a new boss and much more! For everyone that enjoys the chaotic side of life, we offer our deadhorse*anarc...

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50 DeathRate.net


DeathRate.net is a full Anarchy server that I created for my me and a couple players sick of semi-anarchy servers. You can play too if you want. I don't care.

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51 DeltaSurvival

Welcome to Delta Survival! IP : This server will include: - - - COMMUNITY - - - WAR - - - RAIDING - - - GRIEFING - - - PVP - - - NO HACKING - - - NO GRIEF PROTECTION - - - 1.17.1 - - - FRESH WORLD - - - SMP - - - NA...

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52 EGUAnarchy


/ ------------------ ***ᗴǤᑌᗩᑎᗩᖇᑕᕼƳ*** ------------------ / #*Why should you join?* #1 - It has many plugins and cool mechanics no other anarchy server has! #2 - It is fairly new and is only a month old! #3 - Its a geyser server, meani...

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53 EclatMC


EclatMC es un servidor de Minecraft survival y anarquico al mismo tiempo y debes sobrevivir hasta poder llegar a ser un gran jugador dentro del servidor. También solemos hacer diversos cambios para mejorar la experiencia de los usuarios a base de sus...

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54 Endless Anarchy


Endless Anarchy is a Minecraft server that has no rules. It is an anarchy server in which any type of hacks you can imagine are allowed. This server is also almost completely vanilla with only a few utility plugins such as: /sethome 2 per player to k...

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55 Eternal Anarchy


The main goal and purpose of this server is to emulate as close to vanilla minecraft as possible while making as unobtrusive optimizations as possible to maintain server TPS at an acceptable number when at high player-counts. The world is permanent a...

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56 Everest Network

Welcome to Everest kingdoms! We are a Minecraft server where you can make your own kingdom and be a leader, lead your members and added to that, slimefun! We are adding 1000s of tools and gadgets in Minecraft! Join us and see what an awesome Min...

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57 Facuarmo's Server


Facuarmo's Server is just a survival vanilla-like hybrid Minecraft server. On it, you can play along with Bedrock and Java (1.7.2 or higher) users! It is too hard to describe how awesome this server is, so just come check our Facuarmo's Server for yo...

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58 ForestMine 1.8-1.14.2 CASES ALL


Сервер ForestMine - Самый дружный сервер. У нас крутая атмосфера, хорошая администрация и классные игроки. Есть группа, где можно выложить селфи и дискорд для общения. - Свой красивый спавн, который строили с любовью. На нем много пасхалок и де...

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59 Freedom


This is Freedom. IP: freedom-mc.org Our anarchy server is live now! We offer a zero lag, pure anarchy experience on the latest version of Minecraft. Please do what you want, there are no rules. More servers and game modes launching soon! ...

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60 Full Anarchy


The LEAST vanilla anarchy server in Minecraft Love anarchy but wish there was more cool shit? Love using all your hacks without being kicked for flying? Well Full Anarchy is the place for you! Come over and do whatever. FullA...

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