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Minecraft Anarchy

Rank Name Server Players Status
741 obscene anarchy


This server has no rules you can do what ever you want when ever. currently our player base is from discord. we try and make the game as vanilla as possible and fair too.

0/0 offline
742 peepovanilla.net


General Info - Server IP: peepovanilla.net - Server Version: 1.16.1 - JAVA EDITION ONLY! - Discord: https://discord.gg/aeuA3Jy Server Info - Vanilla survival - PvP enabled - Semi anarchy - Voting rewards - No /home /tpa /spawn - No world...

0/0 offline
743 rxserver.jp


Operational August 10, 2021! It is a cross between Anarch and mcMMO. mcMMO is a Plugin that makes you stronger by raising your level. Server IP rxserver.jp We are looking forward to your partici...

0/0 offline
744 scaredy.net


No rules.

0/0 offline
745 sleeypycraft - Anarchy


We set out to create a 100% free Vanilla Minecraft Anarchy experience with a small twist -- make griefing and theft much more difficult by introducing very basic land claims with siege/raid functionality. This way, players can better protect their ba...

0/0 offline
746 star anarchy


anarchy server with the goal to survive build and possibly even take over

0/0 offline
747 ☠ DruggyCraft ☠ Gangs ☠ Guns ☠ Drugs ☠ PVP


Connect to: mc.druggycraft.net DruggyCraft is a unique one of a kind modern gameplay in which Drugs, Guns, and Gameplay are interpreted into Minecraft. You begin as an innocent Citizen without a care in the world in a dangerous city environme...

0/0 offline
748 ⚔️ mineDimensions ⚔️


mineDimensions is a 1.17 semi-anarch survival server with low plugin usage and restrictions What do we offer? - Very few rules - Custom Enchants to keep your gear ahead of the rest - Party system to keep grouped up with you buddies Griefing,...

0/0 offline